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Who is nonso diobi dating

He, however is adamant that he never even saw her at any time let alone touched her. His family believe it is a set up at the hands of his political opponents, whilst Anna has the back up of her best friend who claims to have been present at the time of the rape. I rewound uncountable times because it just wasn’t holding my attention and I kept getting distracted… I only actually started properly paying attention about 25 minutes in when Anna got into an argument on the street with a random man.

The movie slowly starts getting more interesting after the rape, only slightly though, not too much.

CY wants to marry Marcus’ sister Lucy At first he is opposed to the idea but after accepting a car as a gift from him throws himself wholeheartedly into the mission of getting his sister to accept CY as a suitor.The guy just arrived 5 minutes ago and now there is all sorts of chaos going on in your home.There was never a reason given as to why the father did not just get rid of Richie.We’ve taken our time to bring you the very best of the very best Nigerian romantic movies that you can watch anytime and still feel like they just hit the box office.We’ll continue to add new ones as we come across these romantic movies, so keep checking back, and feel free to make suggestions._____________ Editing could have been much improved.23 minutes into Part 2 and Marcus is having a conversation with CY about Richie and he starts to say CY’s name and then quickly corrects himself to say Richie.Please tell us what you think of our list of the most romantic Nigerian movies anyone can see or watch online for free.Do we need our heads examined for leaving out movies like ‘Sarafina’?None of the stories where particularly well developed or believable, but it is watchable, there are some good performances and comic moments.Chioma Amadi, Dadi Uche, Emeka Ike, Emeka Jonathan, Joy Stephen Anozie, Manfred Uche, Mc Kenzie David, Mona Lisa Chinda, Ndubuisi Onwuemena, Okechukwu Ezechu, Okoro Stanley, Patience Oseni, Rose Onyebuchi, Scot Robert, Ufuoma Ejenobor Emeka Ike – Dr Richard Mercy Johnson – Anna Kofi Adjorlolo – Chief Douglas Emma Ayalogu – Chief Magnus Cassandra Odita – Mrs Adams Patience Oseni – Mrs Douglas Vitalis Ndubuisi – Mr Adams Barry Lukeman – Barrister James Amanda Ebeye – Rita Amina Atairu – Vivian Peachman Akputa – Ben Anna claims that she was raped by local politician and human rights activist Dr Richards while walking home late one night. So that even if later on the film gets a bit rubbish their attention will have already been snared.


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