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Who is elena dating in vampire diaries

She would not be able to wake up until Bonnie died, so many will be wondering whether she did die in the end, or if the group found a way around the spell.While everyone's been talking about the return of Elena, Dobrev's other character Katherine Pierce looks set to return in the series' penultimate episode.There is an evening twist of an exclusive 8ft tank which when the light falls reveals the slow angelic movements of jellyfish against a floresent light. ""There's no music"He laughs pushes a button on the wall. They began dancing around the squad, just as they had the night at the dance. They danced for a pretty long time before they stop.

Elena, couldn't believe it, but he definitely had some skills when it came to hair.As she stared in distance, she felt a rush of wind past her. She nods and starts staring into the distance again. And I'll make sure of it" he opens the door and walks downstairs. But we all know with Damon, a regular day is not everyday.She turns around and sees Damon standing beside her bed."Why so glum? She shrugs, not wanting him to know that today was her birthday. She waited for the shut of the door, when she heard nothing. Now, can you please leave me alone with all this birthday talk? And why did he want her to have a good birthday anyway? But I'm willing to look past the arrogant, cold, and annoying bitch for one second.She turns around to see him looking at the calender. Everyone knows Damon Salvatore did not do anything happy for anyone. He hated calling her and asking her for favors, but this was Elena. " he laughs again She growls "Go die in a fire, you ass"He stops laughing "Okay, fine. It's Elena's birthday, and I need to do something special for her""You wanna do something special for her? Now, I need to know what Elena wants for her birthday""She doesn't want anything, Damon. " he waits for an answer "Okay, thanks" he hangs up. "Elena, I'm not taking no for an answer, so you might as well." he grabs her arm and gently pulls her up. ""Because I don't want you to guilt yourself to death.She quickly gets up to stop him, when he turns around and looks at her. The phone rang 3 times before Bonnie's voice came through the phone."What do you want, Damon? She told me and Caroline that all she wants is day alone""Well, I am not taking no for an answer. I'll give her a birthday" he hangs up the phone, and dials another number "Lucas! He speeds upstairs to Elena's room, and knocks on the door."Go away, Damon" she says from her room. He walks towards her "I want you to come with me somewhere" Elena sighs and shakes her head. You need a worry free day, and I am making sure you get that"She sighs "Even if I wanted a day free, what do you have plan? Just let me help you get ready" he walks to her dresser and grabs a curling iron.She takes a deep breath and the tropical scent fills her nose. This night was just what I needed"He smiles "It's not over yet""What-"He cuts her off "Close your eyes"She obeys and closes her eyes.The minute she closed her eyes, she saw something in her mind.It's been awhile since we've had a good Buzz Battle, but there just hasn't been anything particularly squabble worthy for the Buzz editors to dissect. Over the weekend we stumbled up on this photo of Elena and Damon of The Vampire Diaries looking awfully cozy in an upcoming episode.The sexual tension has been mounting for weeks now, but will the writers go for broke and finally solidify this brotherly love triangle? Editor B will argue the pro side, Editor S the con. She sighs and turns her attention away from the calender.Today was her birthday, and since, Jenna was gone she had no intention of celebrating it. This year she lost her Jenna, and now Stefan was gone and turned into a bloody killer.


  1. The relationship between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore has been complicated throughout the.

  2. Elena Gilbert has lost a lot of loved ones in the past five seasons. Not only did The Vampire Diaries

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