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What is postdating check Moms nonude

leginfo.gov' A bank is not obligated to pay a check that is presented more than six months after its date of issue, but may do so if it wishes.(Commercial Code § 4404) There is no law that prohibits a check writer from postdating a check (giving it a date in the future).

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Should the question arise the check is "postdated", there should be no problem if the debtor wrote the words "postdated" above the date of any of the checks submitted, however, without this kind of documentary evidence, it may be difficult for the debtor to prove the checks were "postdated".

If the check bounces the landlord may have certain civil remedies to help recuperate the promised funds.

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  1. Postdated checks are written to be drawn from the checking account only after a certain date. In other words, postdated checks only become "functional" after the date mentioned on the checks. This means that the initial holder of postdated checks cannot use them until the date on the checks has come. This is not.

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