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He's been president of the international society of psycho-oncology from 2006-2008. So just before starting and you have understood that I'm a psychiatrist working in the University of Ferrara, so I'm interested to know about people also where they come from. Northeast of the country, a small, small town, very nice town, and very often, when I meet people, they tend to ask me, "So Ferrara is the place where the Ferrari cars are produced?

He's been really involved in a lot of international programs bringing psycho-oncology research and training across Europe. It's a privilege and honor to be here to spend some days to attend the Faculty Developmental unit and to be encountered with old friends again. " And unfortunately, I have to say that it is not exactly the case because Mr.

The roots in the medieval history when the town was built with a wonderful cathedral built in 1161, the castle, beautiful old walls surrounding the city.

Then the university that was founded in 1391, as Walter many times says, Nicolaus Copernicus graduated in our university.

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So, if you are initially pleased in the--in going from Florence to Venice there are two specific towns that all the touristic travel agency often suggests, have a stop in Ferrara, it's exactly in the middle, many trains stop to this town and you will not be disappointed at all.So that cancer is a stressful, traumatic event is something that we all know.Physical dimension, psychological dimension, and the interpersonal dimension are threatened by the diagnosis of cancer, by cancer, the trajectory of cancer, cancer treatment, the body image, the physical symptoms related to the disease itself or cancer or cancer treatment like pain from one side, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are terrible side effects of this terrible, dramatic--traumatic disease, that actually really much also threaten the psychological, behavioral, spiritual dimension of each person affected by cancer as well as the family relationship, interpersonal relationship in general, social relationship at work, and in the relationship with other people.So, without further ado, I'm going to welcome my dear friend and colleague, Luigi Grassi. But we have other things, other roots that can be found the old history from the Etruscans with the beautiful pieces of the Etruscan art in our museums.We have very interesting pieces of our history in the Byzantine period in this beautiful Abbey full of wonderful frescoes in a little village nearby my town.Lucrecia Borgia was the wife of one of d'Este family.So we have a lot of history and museums in which we have Giotto School's [phonetic], Giotto School paintings and Bastianino.The variables that we know today after 30, 40 years of psycho-oncological studies and then there's for sure many mediating variables involved in determining the response, the psychological response to cancer including coping mechanism, the previous personal experiences, spiritual and religious beliefs.There are many, many studies today trying to understand the different cross-cultural aspects of the psychological response to cancer and also the spiritual and religious belief as a part of the mediating system that help or maybe does not help patients to adjust to the disease and to the treatment.The idea of screening for distress in oncology populations is not new.Many recommendations have been made regarding the need for routine screening, and methods have been suggested for accomplishing this.


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