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The limited-time approval technique works by limiting the number of SUS clients that see the Windows XP SP2 update on the list of approved updates when they contact the SUS server on any given day while this technique is in use, thereby controlling the number of clients that are serviced per day and limiting the server load and additional network overhead (retry attempts, etc.).

SUS administrators can use the following formula to calculate the amount of time for which to approve the Windows XP SP2 update on each day: TA = Amount of time (in hours) the update needs to be marked as ‘approved’ on a given day NXP = Number of Windows XP systems to get SP2 via the SUS server NDE = Number of days since SP2 was first marked as approved on the SUS server For example, if there are 12000 Windows XP systems that need to get the Windows XP SP2 update via a SUS server, the calculation would work out as follows: For day 1, the update would need to be marked as approved for 2 hours, since Note: An important consideration for using this technique is to initiate the approval about 1 hour after the work day or shift starts, so the SUS server is not impacted by the spike in clients trying to download SP2 soon after they are turned on.

Note: This configuration will allow about 2000 Windows XP systems to download and install the Windows XP SP2 update per day and will take approximately one hour for each to download, assuming there are no other connectivity bottlenecks.

This option uses the BITS 2.0 maximum bandwidth usage parameter to control the amount of bandwidth used by SUS clients when interacting with the SUS server.

These configuration options are available with IIS 5 as well as IIS 6.

The IIS server will allocate the maximum bandwidth usage specified equally across the concurrent connections specified.


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