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Updating hard drive hdd

I’m running W7 – which supposedly supports AF drives. First, a note about how I ended up with an AF drive.I was aware of possible issues with 4k-byte sectors, so I specifically looked for a non-AF drive.Pick the latest result that matches your operating system. It doesn't matter if you have the 20GB, 60GB, or even the new 80GB Play Station 3--you can always use more storage space.All the comments on Amazon indicate that it’s a 7K500-500 drive with 512-byte sectors.The one I received was actually a 7K750-500 Advanced Format drive. A Hitachi tech told me that the Back to the Windows Update problem. ) , Windows can’t detect the drive’s physical sector size, and Update (and some other features) fail.You just migrated your system to a new hard drive by cloning or restoring a backup.

Unfortunately, the on-line drive documentation I consulted when selecting a drive was incorrect, and I ended up with an AF drive.I recently upgraded my Think Pad T400 (Windows 7 Pro 64) from a 320GB 7200RPM drive to a 500GB 7200RPM drive.It was a simple process using Acronis: Cloning Hard Drives With Acronis.I’ve also heard that installing the AHCI driver from the Lenovo driver matrix for one of the Huron River Think Pads (T420/T520/X220/etc) would also do the job w/a smaller install (and less Intel crapware) but I have not tested that.After updating the storage driver the hotfix happily announced that it (the hotfix) was already installed. Try this search link if the one above doesn’t work: Result.aspx?To cut to the chase, SP1 and the hotfix weren’t correctly updating the storage driver, so it couldn’t report sector size to Windows.The clue here was that fsutil (see that Microsoft link, above) was reporting “bytes per physical sector” as “”.My first choice was a Western Digital WD5000BEKT from Amazon.It worked OK, but was too noisy: Strange Laptop Drive Noise: “Whoosh” Next choice was a Hitachi 0S02858.Windows 7 is supposed to understand AF drives, and correctly aligns partitions. I was already running SP1, so it should have been OK.Microsoft explanation and hotfix link: An update that improves the compatibility of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with Advanced Format Disks is available On my Think Pad T400, the hotfix just errored out with no additional information.


  1. A hard disk drive HDD, hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is a data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one.

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