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Updating firmware on kodak c813 camera

-I've tried many and this doesn't seem to help -Note that the error occurs in Gnome upon detection of the camera. I'd settle for an explanation of 'why' it's happening at this point.-Unmount the camera manually then launch a photo manager -Again, Gnome isn't mounting the cam. I think it's pretty likely that someone knows what's happening with this issue -we're just not finding that info.For me, at least, F-Spot crashes as soon as it loads, and g Thumb crashes once I select File Import Photos... Both my cameras (Kodak Easy Share DX4530, and Kodak Easy Share ZD710) worked at one point with 9.04.Then they both stopped working with the errors described (Unable to Mount/Could Not Lock Device, etc.) -I assume it was after an update but not sure which one (suspect it might have been a kernel update, but not positive).I just wanted to see if the problem had already been discovered and fixed first. I've set my Ubuntu computer to "Do Nothing" when a digital media, such as a camera, is detected---I prefer to manage things on my own.It gives me a somewhat different error message it gave egwest; mine says: Error initializing camera: -1: Unspecified error My camera's communication/indicator light then begins to blink red and, for a few minutes after I unplug the USB, the camera tries telling me the batteries are dead, even though they're brand new Lithiums!

From here, it seems to be an F-Spot issue, but I know very little indeed and am happy enough to be able to access my photos.

Cannot open via Places I got this error trying to download phtos: An error occurred in the io-library ('Could not lock the device'): Camera is already in use.

someone suggested closing the software and unmounting the camera (look under places in the main menu, then right-click on the camera and select unmound, or something like that) Then load your favorite photo software, such as gthumb image viewer or f-spot photo manager, from the applications menu. Before Karmic, I had similar problems with older versions of Ubuntu, something to do with permissions for the usb devices.

But after updating to Jaunty, my camera will not mount anymore and I get the following message: Unable to mount Kodak Co.

Digital Camera Error initializing camera: -60: Could not lock the device Anyone got any ideas?


  1. Camera-Kodak Easyshare model C813. Kodak has stopped supporting / updating the Kodak EasyShare program. How JustAnswer works

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