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You may be familiar with Libraries from the latest i Movie update.

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Libraries are containers grouping Events and Projects.They will be moved into a new folder titled “[drive name] Old Final Cut Projects and Events”.Or you can move them to the TRASH (only for the brave).The good news is that media files are never moved to the Trash automatically or deleted.Final Cut politely asks if you want old Event and Project folders kept, or moved to the Trash.Navigate to a drive with Event and Project folders on it, click Update.FCP X 10.1 will then go through an analysis and updating process. This final update window will allow to you SAVE your current Event and Project folders (highly recommended).- If you had Projects inside of folders, keyword collections are created for those Project folder collections.- Media linked to an Event on a different drive will be copied to that drive, outside of the Library container, and into a folder called Final Cut External Media.- Any Compound Clips or Multiclips on one drive, that are used by a Project on a different drive, will be copied to that drive, with their source content, so the new Library is self-contained on that one drive.There is a new element in media management that is a game changer with 10.1, and that are Libraries.Those already using FCP X 10.0.9 or earlier should read our Upgrade Advisory in this article before upgrading.


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