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Not even Korea you did cruel things to but loads of other countries during world war 2! Now you get the point why your country is one of the most hated countries in the world! And you Japan is now saying Dokdo is your territory? Aren't you even humiliated with your country's actions? AND teaching your future children that Dokdo is your land? You know, your country's actions really seem funny and pathetic. Well I feel sorry for the people who don't think this way who is Japanese but I hate the Japanese monkeys who say that Dokdo is their land and that their country improved Korea or something. " and comments like that because that will not solve anything. But no you guys still choose to spread lies over the internet and even in places like the Olympics.To people who think like that : YOUR LIFE IS A JOKEWell.... I ask you guys once again to go to court and solve this issues like civilized people would do today.History is used when looking at the dispute over the name of the sea, whether it really is the Sea of Japan or the East Sea. We already gave you money; why do you Koreans keep nagging us? I know that you guys can't change the past, and we never asked for that. The reason why Korea doesn't want to go to court with the Japanese is because Japan stole heaps of Korean artefacts during their regime and to this day they keep all of the evidence hidden away to stop Koreans from claiming their land like Dokdo and Daemado. The US only support the Japanese because the Japanese are their lapdogs the US knows that the Koreans won't let them exploit us. I really don't understand why they are contradicting there own history record. perhaps before making an example situation, you should get the facts straight and what will happen if this false claim by japan keeps up. while the south and north korea grow impatient, the chinese might shut japan up for good once and for all as the poor citizens of japan stubbornly believe in the things they may have been taught while growing up without ever truly doing any research for the truth..nobody just drop nuke on any country unless as a last resort you know, you could ask yourself what was it that your 'bad father' may have done to make that happen.Russians used history in their argument when they took Crimea from Ukraine saying that the peninsula was originally their territory and that there are many Russian speaking people who need to be protected. All we want is for your country to acknowledge all the sins and wrongdoings and say a national apology. They apologised for the wrongdoings they committed in the past, but some of Japan's citizens refuse to apologise and acknowledge the fact that Dokdo is OUR land. First, when I was way younger, like 4, I just thought it was Korean territory without any real knowledge. You are saying like all koreans break the law-Most of koreans follow the law.I went to Korea during this summer and I have to say Dokdo is our land. Also, if you didn't know, from 1933 to 1945, japanese doctors performed countless numbers of cruel experiments on Chinese, Russian, Mongolian and Korean people. In 1905, Japan said that Dokdo is their land and changed its name to 'Takeshima' in forse, without conversation with Korea.IF ANY of you fools actually went to Dokdo you'll notice it has a rock with an engravement that says Dokdo belongs to Korea. You push sticks in our butt and penis and you invaded twice then said we invaded, then you make a black fort punishing people who did no wrong at all right next to Gyung Bok Palace! At unit 731 alone, approximately 3000 people were tortured and killed. In 1946 UN returned Dokdo to Korea and they allowed Korea to defend the Dokdo in 1950, and Japan IGNORED it. The following videos show how badly they behave everywhere.

And you claim that Japan has fully apologized but this is untrue. But when the war was over, Japan has took over Dokdo illegally. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING ABOUT DOKDO!!! Also, check out the site below to read what I have to say about why, historically&factually, Dokdo is Korean.https://sites.google.com/site/byeongjupark/articles/why-is-dokdo-a-korean-island-and-takeshima-a-fiction-1#C5Simply says Why Dokdo is Japanese territory, not Nalttae earthquake in Japan Dokdo is not an earthquake. you should be ashamed to say dokdo is takesimanice try Abe. Long time ago, in the past, Japan and Korea agreed and recorded that Dokdo is Korea's land. when some people who wnats to be free gets caught by japanese they got very serious torture things to them. All children became to go to school for the first time in the Korean history. The real textbooks are maintained in libraries so that everyone can see the tangible evidence. Japan would be happy to get along with Korea if Koreans sincererly face facts. But the Japanese still was successful in liberating many Asian countries that were colonized by the Europeans.

He visits shrines commemorating these Japanese soldiers. They truly apologized internationally for their crimes. Recently, a Japanese book that has been made has stated that Dokdo is a Korean territory. It's been about 1 year since I voted for South Korea. Googleboy's mark: A Googleboy, you may skip a grade. If you japanese had any heart in your pathetic bodies, you people would not be able to falsly accuse us of lying. In fact, Japan spent huge huge huge money to Korea in the both periods: before and after 1945. As a result, Takeshima issue will be resolved in the process of the way to truth. I don't have any feelings of hatred to japanese or another nation,coz all people made God and all people must respect each other. Heavier tax, deprivation of basic human right, etc.

Japan on the other hand has stood firmly on their nationalist views saying that they haven't done anything wrong. If you want to talk about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, please be objective. At that time, South Korea was losing, but truth always wins.... Dokdo is definitely South Korea's territory, and YOU ARE THE ONES WHO NEVER ADMIT THE TRUTH. I don't want to condemn i just want to explain that japanese haven't felt ever a pang of oppression or mocking attitude and that's all felt Korean people. Just wait.........ahahahahaha funniest thing i've ever heard. And you say EQUAL while Koreans were not even treated as human beings? The fact that they tried to develope korea is totaly wrong!!!!!!

And there are countless other cases where history has been used. Horrible acts have been performed on many different people, and that's what you guys refuse to acknowledge. I know that we may have killed some of your people in the past, and I do say sorry. F***ing JAPS thinking they can do whatever the f*** they want! And then I learned it but I grew up with heated debate about Dokdo and started wondering are they really Korean. But some of koreans that don't follow the law are just standing out form others, and you should not think that all koreans don't follow the law just by showing some of koreans that don't follow the rule.

And also, if you're worrying about the Koreans using history in their arguments, doesn't it show that you fear that Koreans will be able to simply prove their right to the islands? You say that Japanese students are fully aware of their past war crimes from history textbooks but what you don't realize is that history textbooks guide lined by the countries themselves usually hold tremendous amounts of bias. But what I'm trying to get across here is the fact that Japan in their own history textbooks tend to numb down and be euphemistic about their previous war crimes whereas other places' history textbooks may tell it more objectively, or even biased towards the other side. but really, most of the killings and torture have mostly been performed by YOU. They should all go have a tour of hiroshima and nagasaki so that they can be reminded of what happens when they f*** with other people's land. they should all be pinned as rapists and cannibals! Plus I was out side of country and they put East Sea as Sea of Japan. I was so sure about it bc I looked at Japanese opinion and records also and they seemed just so obvious. We are not saying you guys are bad because your parent was bad I'm saying that because you guys are bad beacuse you guys are.


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