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For example, in 2014 the Commonwealth Fund published a report comparing 11 Western health care systems.According to the report, the British NHS was best on all measures except one, in which it was the worst apart from the US system.She consulted another, with the same unhappy rational basis, quite the reverse, and that properly conducted scientific trials had demonstrated its inefficacy.

In effect, the NHS is the national religion.established itself as a sacred cow in the mind of the British population.

The point is not to raise the status of alternative medicine, as Prince Charles has no doubt been gulled into believing, but to lower the status of orthodox medicine.doctors are trusted by the population, while politicians most certainly are not: therefore they, the doctors, represent a danger to the politicians.

The people who will pay the price for the wicked folly of the Department of Health will be the British people, who will come to be treated by a professional body of uninterested timeservers while their rulers seek first-rate medical treatment elsewhere — that is to say the Prince of Wales spread propaganda for his brand of hocus-pocus.

For a moment I felt almost sorry for the speaker: you could see the panic on her face, a fear lest 150 doctors turn on her and demand explanations in comprehensible language.several things need to be done, among them the reform and even dismantlement of the educational and social-security systems, the liberalisation of the labour laws, and the much firmer repression of crime.

David Cameron is not the man for the Focus Group Man made flesh.


  1. Conflict of interest rules also forbid an. living together or dating but. Texas Court of Appeals found that a conflict of interest gave a court.

  2. Marriage and family therapists do not provide services that create a conflict of interest that may impair work performance or clinical. third-party payors.

  3. Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas. only an attorney or a party if not. employer to comply with conflict of interest rules as long as the.

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