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Soul searching dating

Signed, Soul Searching Answer Dear Soul Searching, What I'm about to say might shock you, so prepare yourself...According to popular notions, we each have one person out there who is literally perfect for us.They got married, had some kids and decided that they wanted to give back in a meaningful way. They decided to sponsor a TOTALLY FREE Jewish singles site so that others can find the happiness they found.

I'm here to meet guys from 50 to 65 years old for dating and friendship.I am just a SIMPLE ORDINARY woman from Philippines.I am not sexy nor attractive, but one thing for sure is that, im a DECENT and EDUCATED woman!Before that He thought those four times he had to be the one to choose his spouse and have God place a stamp of approval after he has done all the work of knowing his spouse and the relationship is heading towards marriage. Instantly I started comparing notes mentally on my current relationship and what I have been doing.You know your girl felt empowered for a minute right?I spent most of my free time this weekend just going through some videos online and I stumbled upon a youtube channel of a fellow brethren in the faith who gave a talk on “Finding your soul mate” as usual the topic peaked my interest but this time I was hesitant to listen to the entire lesson.some how I kept on listening and actually found myself participating in the little interactive spaces of the presentations where Pastor Toure Roberts would say, “hey…jokingly, or tell your neighbor this….” My outlook on relationships obviously do blend with his ideas and teachings a little; seeing that we both are Christians and base our beliefs in the teachings of the church and the instructions of the bible.In soul searching I cannot be casual or lazy about God and giving my best work towards a relationship that is pulling me away from Him.Its either God stays and the relationship takes the form that God intended for it.This free Jewish Internet dating site is FREE to join, FREE to post, FREE to send and receive emails. There’s nothing as excruciating than suffering in silence.


  1. Yes, a totally FREE Jewish INTERNET dating site! Over 16 years ago a couple met on a Jewish dating site. They got married, had some kids and decided that they wanted.

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