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The ABA Criminal Justice Section proposed the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice: Monitors, which provide guidelines that cover a range of areas from the selection process of monitors to their filing reports.

(108A)In other measures, at the request of the Section of Individual Rights and Responsibility, the House approved a proposal to change the entity’s name to the Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice.

(116)· Adopted separate policy resolutions that address domestic and sexual violence that:· Urges the federal government to enact legislation and appropriate full funding to support the U. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, in support of its efforts to enforce Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and other activities designed to promote access to education free from gender-based violence.

(109A)· Asks governments to enact civil protection order statutes regarding domestic, intimate partner, sexual, dating, and stalking violence that extend protection to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.(109B)· Recognizes freedom from domestic, dating and sexual violence and stalking and all other forms of gender-based violence as a fundamental human right and urges governments to recognize, enact and adopt resolutions affirming the right of all women, men and children to live free from domestic, dating and sexual violence and stalking.(109C)House action on all resolutions can be found here.

The change in mental health questions expands policy set in 1994 that sought to limit but not eliminate mental health inquiries.

States typically employ a form similar to one provided by the National Conference of Bar Examiners that asks about a wide range of mental health history, including out-patient treatment, major depressive disorder or other conditions that significantly impair behavior, judgment or understanding.

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In general, people’s sexual and relationship satisfaction within their marriage, or short term fling, depends on whether they believe that they have a “good deal”—that is, whether they think the partnership is beneficial to themselves, or at least equally balanced.

The changes add 41 additional members of the House to bring membership up to 600.

Also, the changes add two more members to the committee that nominates prospective officers, and three new members to the Board of Governors that serves as the administrative body of the association.

(112)· Urged legislatures and government agencies to provide the funding necessary to develop, implement, and maintain appropriate cybersecurity programs for the courts.

The resolution notes that cybersecurity threats could affect the judicial system and may pose a risk to the fair and efficient administration of justice.


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