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The new will was signed by Manson on January 11 and is expected to be filed in a probate court on Wednesday Channels, a well known Manson collector and historian, was a long-time pen pal of the cult leader and had been communicating with him for 20 years.

He claims that in 2002 Manson drafted the will and handed it to him, TMZ first reported.

Instead, his business partner and fellow Manson collector Stoner Van Houten spoke on his behalf.'Yes there's other people who have come forward, my whole feeling on it is I really don't care who comes forward and pulls it off I just want him to get the right burial, a respectful burial stone in a respectful place and not just a number on a wall.'Gurecki, who has been helping Roberts, said: 'I believe this (will) will ultimately supersede the other wills that are put there because of the date of the will, it came to me in February…so it would have to supersede the others.He added: 'I'd rather see more people coming to do the right thing at the end of his life, that nobody did for the last 70 years, I'd rather see everybody here together trying to do the right thing.'Speaking outside Corcoran prison alongside Gurecki, Roberts said he felt 'vindicated' that Manson has chosen to name him on his will.'I was surprised actually because I've heard over the years that there was some wills that were made, quite a few of them.'I felt great, I felt good, I felt vindicated sort of, I've been struggling to have some sort of relationship with him, often through third parties or through the mail, not anything that really felt like interpersonal or close, and that (the will) really felt like something.'Roberts now hopes he can give Manson a good send off.Another will signed by Charles Manson is set to spark a legal war over the cult leader's estate, Daily has exclusively learned.The will, which has been described to Daily Mail.com, was signed by Manson on January 11 this year and leaves his entire estate to his 'son' Matthew Roberts - giving him the right to arrange his father's burial.The killer – who was serving a life sentence for the murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others – entrusted his friend and long time confidante Ben Gurecki with his will, naming him executor.Manson, who was hospitalized with ill health in January, instructed Gurecki to send the document to Roberts.Although attempted, DNA tests have proved inconclusive, Gurecki has said Manson knew Roberts was his son – and even sent people to find him.Manson orchestrated the murders of seven people in the 1960s by his devoted followers in a bid to start a race war.Do you love watching horny vagina shows or hot whores who need your dig for getting happy?Use our community to make lustful free contacts in Catlettsburg.


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