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Setwindowtext mfc updating cdialog controls

Erik J=E4levik wrote: Is there any way I can get a property... I'm tried trapped the message, via ON_NOTIFY(VM_VSCROLL, ID_SCROLLBAR, On My Scrolled), but the function "On My Scrolled" doesn't get called.

CScrollbar on CProperty Page NOT working I have a scrollbar placed on a Property Page and it is not receiving any scroll messages. I've also tried deriving a new class, My Scroll Bar, and providing a On VScroll(), but that is never getting called.

It returns with 0 and the title doesn't change. Draw Item is called (and works ok) when the dialog repaints, i.e.

initially and when restored, but my class Draw Item is not called when Set Window Text is called.

Tab Order, Button, Sys Menu Command in CProperty Sheet&CProperty Pag I have a CProperty Sheet and 6 CProperty Pages inside the CProperty Sheet. But when I press in my edit control, the default function is not called.

Inside each CProperty Page there are a CList Ctrl and a Button. Why is it and how can I manage to get the default function called (like in my CDialog)? CProperty Page:: On Set Active recursion or how can I extend CTab Ctrl? Net issue Hi, Recently I observed a crash of my wizard when it is invoked from different application.

I have a Win2K SP2 machine with "Standards and Formats" and "Language for non-Unicode programs" both set to Hebrew.

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I am trying to grab the local system time from the computer (so far I have tried SYSTEMTIME and __TIME__) and display the time in a text box.Does your Property Sheet work with all the custom controls taken out. If I press Enter key while the focus is on OK button or the Cancel button, it didn't execute the button. I have tried to Set Window Text but it does not work. scid=kb;en-us; Q141487 -- Cheers Check Abdoul [ VC MVP ] ----------------------------------- "Pierre Couderc" , I want to call the default button's On Btn Clicked Defaultbutton(). Now I want to do the same in my MDI applicationin a childframe window, consisting of property pages.I don't think that your problem is with the custom controls, it's probably something else t... In a CProperty Page I have a CEdit Ctrl and a default button.Is there some way to get a dialog to request an owner draw child control to paint itself other than calling Invalidate() and Update Window() in the dialog class (which draws all the controls and in my app results in an endless loop as the static text is changed by a slider control)?TIA Jan Some detail omitted for clarity: class Color Static : public CStatic { public: Color Static(); ~Colo...Custom Controls in CProperty Pages Hi, I have a Custom Control and associated class that works perfectly fine in a Dialog box, but when I take that same control and put it into a CProperty Page, the page fails to be created by the CProperty Sheet. I am not the best MFC programmer, so any help would be appreciated.--Mark BTW, I have tried other peoples custom controls in CProperty Page and they don't work either..... I would like to change the title of a property page. Pierre Couderc See if the following KB article helps you CProperty Page sending activate notification to CProperty Sheet Is there any way I can get a property page to send PSN_SETACTIVE notifications to its owning property sheet?I've put an ON_NOTIFY for it in the sheet's message map but the specified function never gets called.When I do an Open and Stream In the text I want to = set the title to be the file name.Here's what DOESN' T work (among other = things). (CString file Name;) Set Window Text((HWND)Afx Get Main Wnd(), (LPCTSTR)&file Name); Any help would be appreciated. Getting owner draw child control to paint when calling Set Window Text Hi, I have an owner draw static class.


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