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It looks like they wear designer clothes for any occasion. They are charming, and take a good care of themselves.If you put in line a hundred undressed 18-year-girls from Russia and the West (please don't ask me where you can get such a view), it will be almost impossible to see any difference; but if you take fifty 35-year-old women from Moscow streets and mix them with 50 ladies from LA, you'll never be mistaken who is who.Looking for vacancies in Russian newspapers you will notice that 90% of the ads appeal only to male candidates.Pointing the gender as a requirement for a position is not considered to be a discrimination.The average Internet Russian dating agency publishes about 15-20% of the data received. The important parameters for publication of a woman's data are: The reason for all the above mentioned restrictions is obvious: Men do prefer young, good looking women who don't have children and can communicate in English.Because it's men who pay for the addresses, it's only a waste of time and Web space to publish photos of old or unattractive women.The position of society towards such marriages is obviously negative both in Russia and in the West.

Usually such "agencies" do not give real women's addresses, all letters are sent to the agency itself or using its email forwarding service.The truth is that all women featured by Internet dating agencies were chosen from thousands of applicants.Most photos received by agencies in response to their ads feature ordinary, hardly attractive women, and there are no doubts why they are alone.The bad news is: it will come over soon after you beautiful Russian wife is here.First months after leaving Russia I looked like a model from a magazine picture, now my usual clothes are jeans and a T-shirt.They dress differently; Russian women rarely get overweight with time, and the most noticeable difference - the expression of their faces. It's difficult to explain; if you are in Russia one day, you will see for yourself.The old proverb says: intelligence of a girl depends on her current hairstyle and dress. You will meet very beautiful women all over the world, Russian women just make special efforts to look their best.Skirts and mini-skirts are still popular among many Russian ladies, showing their best.Foreigners admit that Russians dress very neat and stylish.Women are paid less, and have fewer career opportunities.Salaries in Russia are pretty small, and even a successful career doesn't guarantee good living standards.


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