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Rasmus 36 ukraine dating

Rask is especially known for his contributions to comparative linguistics, including an early formulation of what would later be known as Grimm's Law.Rask was born to Niels Hansen Rasch and Birthe Rasmusdatter in the village of Brændekilde near Odense on the Danish island of Funen, his father, a smallholder and tailor, was well-read and had a decently-sized book collection.

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According to Hans Frede Nielsen, it exceeded anything previously published on the topic.sometimes rendered as Erasmus Rask; 22 November 1787 – 14 November 1832) was a Danish linguist and philologist.He wrote several grammars and worked on comparative phonology and morphology.In addition to Danish and Latin, Rask studied Greek, Hebrew, French and German at Odense.An interest in orthography also led Rask to develop his own spelling system for Danish that more closely resembled its pronunciation, and it was at this time that he changed the spelling of his last name from "Rasch" to "Rask".In 1814, after returning from Iceland, Rask worked as a sub-librarian at the University of Copenhagen library.In October 1816, Rask left Denmark on a literary expedition funded by the monarchy to investigate Asian languages and collect manuscripts for the University of Copenhagen library, he traveled first to Sweden, where he stayed for two years.In 1820, he traveled from Bushehr, Persia to Mumbai, India (then called Bombay), and during his residence there, he wrote (in English) "A Dissertation on the Authenticity of the Zend Language" (1821).From Bombay, he traveled through India to Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon), arriving in 1822.As a child, Rask's scholastic abilities became apparent, and, in 1801, at the age of thirteen, he was sent to the Latin school in Odense, now known as the Odense Katedralskole.One of his friends from Latin school, Niels Matthias Petersen (1791-1862), who went on to be the first professor of Nordic languages at the University of Copenhagen, later remarked that "His short stature, his lively eyes, the ease with which he moved and jumped over tables and benches, his unusual knowledge, and even his quaint peasant dress, attracted the attention of his fellow students".


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