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Fortunately, there is a law in Rhode Island that requires all middle schools and high schools to have a policy and teach everyone about the issue—it’s called the Lindsay Ann Burke Act, and it’s up to all of us to make sure this law is being implemented in our schools!

After writing almost a year ago about the need for a major public campaign around sexual violence prevention, I was overjoyed to hear that The Joyful Heart Foundation (headed by Mariska Hargitay of SVU fame) and No More were joining forces to create a nationwide (nationwide!

) PSA campaign to address domestic violence and sexual assault.

They have designed a three-year campaign that will run in local and national markets including print, broadcast, online and outdoor ads. More than 40 celebrities and public figures appear in the ads, which are designed specifically to urge bystanders to get involved. A major reason is the findings of the "NO MORE Study" conducted by Gf K Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, and funded by the Avon Foundation for Women, which reveal that silence and bystander inaction are what stand in the way of effecting any real change.

1st Runner up: “Too Easy” from Centennial High School in Port St.

Lucie, Florida 2nd Runner up: “Taken” from Spoto High School in Tampa, Florida Congratulations to these high schools and high schools in throughout the country that participated in 2017 The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program.

Marietta Daily Journal · Mary Kate Mc Gowan · Nov 27, 2016 Campbell High School students R’Darius Long, Bryan Liborio, Tamaar Lee, teacher Lisa Watson, Jasmine Washington, Haradit Garcia, River Lewis and Jordan Mc Kinley celebrate winning the Atlanta Braves region of a teen victimization public service announcement contest.

SMYRNA — Campbell High School students learned about the prevalence of human trafficking in the metro Atlanta area both behind and in front of the camera last semester.

Tom Antl is video teacher at San Diego school for creative and performing arts. The students were thrilled and on top of that the Padres asked my student Broadcast team if we wanted to produce a live Padres game in August!“Once we realized how close to home it was, it really hit home.” The high school students treated the highly-sensitive topic in a delicate and effective way, Watson said, which helps communicate the dangers of sex trafficking to other high school and middle school students.As winners of the Atlanta Braves’ region, Campbell’s video production class’s video is now distributed across the country as a teaching tool to help increase awareness of the dangers of sex trafficking.Watson said the students were initially hesitant to tackle the subject of sex trafficking, but they became more passionate about the issue when they discovered Atlanta is one of the largest sex trafficking hubs in the country.“They got completely immersed in the project especially after they did some research and became aware of the problem (sex trafficking) in Atlanta,” she said.“They’re part of the best of the best DVD,” Watson said.With an emphasis on preparing the students for a career after high school graduation, Watson said the students not only learned how to handle a contentious issue in a professional manner, but they also learned teamwork and soft skills lessons.But there's more: You'll also be seeing these PSA videos in movie theaters, major airports and medical facilities. While this doesn't come as a surprise, seeing the data in black and white is sobering.According to the report: Clearly, the general public isn't talking much about this issue.Chosen from hundreds of entries from high schools in twenty-one States across the county as one of twenty-five area winners, chosen as one of ten national semi-finalists and one of five national finalists, this PSA carried the largest percentage of the national vote an also won the vote of more than 150 teens from fifteen States at Major League Baseball All-Star Fan Fest in Miami.It topped finalist entries from Florida (2), Michigan and Texas.


  1. Sep 23, 2013 PSA campaign to address domestic violence and sexual assault. They have designed a three-year campaign that will run in local and national markets.

  2. An all-too-real depiction of teen dating violence. Brought to you by the Haverhill High School VIP Team to help raiser awareness and solutions for teens in.

  3. Dating violence is a growing social epidemic, even for teens. And one DeKalb County School District DCSD senior is speaking out about it in a very creative.

  4. Congratulations to the 2017 The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program. of increasing awareness of forms of teen victimization such as dating violence and sexual.

  5. Jan 26, 2015 This Chilling PSA Will Be The First To Ever Address Domestic Violence During The. Sports Illustrated decided to run a domestic violence PSA of.

  6. Take the Dating Pledge - help your school compete in the Dating Pledge Challenge - help raise awareness about the serious issue of dating.

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