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Phaneuf dating cuthbert

Her sister got killed in a bomb raid against London in 1940 and after that Madeleine worked as a red cross nurse.

She got married (and divorced) four times, she never had children.

Mae usually wrote her own scripts and she was a talented singer as well.

Mary Nolan (1905-1948) – She was born as Mary Robertson.

After that she worked in Hollywood and she became an icon.

Marlene was 90 years old when she died in Paris, France.

Madeleine Carroll (1906-1987) – She was born and raised in England and went to America on behalf of her career.

She defined her father who wanted her to be a french teacher and became an actress.

Soon she was a famous model and in 1907 Anna was voted “The most beautiful woman in America”. Some of the movies she starred in was “The Vanity Pool” (1918), “The Spoilers” (1923) and “The Greater Glory” (1926). Billie Burke (1884-1970) – Silent screen actress who´s career continued in the new era of sound pictures.

The tabloids loved the scandal and Mary moved to Germany to be able to work as an actress.

She came back with a new name (Mary Nolan) and had a few years of success.

Jean Arthur (1900-1991) – She was an actress in silent movies that got many successful years in talkies due to her kind of frog-like voice. Jean is known from “Under fire” (1926), “The whole town´s talking” (1935), “Mr.

Smith goes to Washington” (1939) and “The more the merrier” (1943).


  1. Leaf captain Dion Phaneuf and Hollywood actress Elisha Cuthbert married in Summerfield, P. E. I.

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