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Online xml validating parser

If you point at one of these icons with your mouse, the error is desribed in a popup window: If you would like to see how works, but don't have an XML file to use for testing, you can use this example. Registration only takes a minute and is of course perfectly free.Validates a JSON string against RFC 4627 (The application/json media type for Java Script Object Notation) and against the Java Script language specification.You can configure the validator to be lenient or strict.During your session, all of your files are kept for you on the server, and you can edit each of them.If errors are found in any of these files, they are marked in the text with icons. When both are uploaded, the errors will be highlighted and described.*The maximum size limit for file upload is 2 megabytes.

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The response Text property returns the response as a string.

The response XML property returns the response as an XML DOM object.

The eval() function leaves the door open to all JS expressions potentially creating side effects or security issues, whereas JSON.parse() limits itself to just parsing JSON.

JSON.parse() is available natively in most recent browsers.


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