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The trace element patterns still retain the typical features of subduction-related arc magmatism, showing that the process of cumulate formation did not obscure the trace element signature of the parental magma.Using the composition of cumulus minerals and whole-rock chemical trends, we show that the parental magma was mafic (Si O units around the fayalite–magnetite–quartz (FMQ) buffer is also characteristic of primitive hydrous arc magmas.

Algebraic theories, as also other mathematical concepts, which were in circulation in ancient India, were collected and further developed by Aryabhatta, an Indian mathematician, who lived in the 5th century, in the city of Patna, then called Pataliputra.

He has referred to Algebra (as Bijaganitam) in his treatise on mathematics named Aryabhattiya.

Another mathematician of the 12th century, Bhaskaracharya also authored several treatises on the subject – one of them, named Siddantha Shiromani has a chapter on algebra.

Geometrical theories were known to ancient Indians and find display in motifs on temple walls, which are in many cases replete with mix of floral and geometric patterns. Basham, an Australian Indologist, writes in his book, The Wonder That was India that “…

The method of graduated calculation was documented in a book named “Five Principles” (Panch-Siddhantika) which dates to 5th Century AD. the world owes most to India in the realm of mathematics, which was developed in the Gupta period to a stage more advanced than that reached by any other nation of antiquity.


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