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Godfrey Gander, Scrounge Mc Drake, Lana Linn, Olsen, Blinky, Richard Millnest Duxon, Johnny Quackson via reality warp Howard the Duck & family (mom dad Theresa Orville) ) -alternate Earth where ducks evolved into dominant lifeform --Howard the Duck Magazine#6Parallel Earth dimensions existing within a series of sub-atomic universes; both time and space are the same and events on each world appear to happen simultaneously; people or places do not share the same names on each world.This is also the designation of Saturnyne's homeworld, but since we know zip about her homeworld, that's not a conflict.

Golog, Jean Grey, ; King Kong Harlan, Crusher Hogan, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Man, Irontech, ; ; Jonah Jameson, Juggernaut, Kingpin, Magneto, Mandroids, Mastermind, Midtown HS, Mr.

No world wars, by 1970s decadent England still ruled Europe and Americas, but dissent was growing, and Luther Arkwright helped the resistance. Tusker, Crazy Gang, Sidney Crumb, Crumby Gang (Jeff), Fury, Gaath, Iron Tallon, Junk Heap Monster, Mad Jim Jaspers, Mrs.

The strip can be read online here from Mad Monks and Englishmen, A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game, re-published on Bryan Talbot's official website (Algernon, Android Andy, Arachnid, Autumn, Block 45 gang (Sharon), Capt. Mc Geary, Miracleman, Puppetman, Rick, Status Crew, Mr.

Reed Richards created a bomb to destroy the world, but lacked the courage to use it.

Earth-2010*--Paradise X: Heralds#2EARTH-Van Dyne (Janet) slain by Creature from Kosmos - diverged when the Scarlet Witch shed the nexus power Immortus had forced her to accrue, disrupting past events Tempus had been forcing the Avengers to relive "EARTH-9093"--Avengers West Coast#62 (Avengers West Coast (Dr.


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