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“On our first date Patrick took me to Claridges and our bill came in at over £1,000,” she recalls.

“Weeks later he bought me a horse purely because I said I was interested in learning to ride.” Jemima was also treated to a five-star holiday in Mexico on Patrick’s yacht.

Almost as trite as YOLO is the sudden discovery that being in your 20s is a scary weird time.

Her addiction to millionaires started in 1996 when she met Patrick, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who lavished her with gifts.

I was basically brought in to be like those rejects on . Sure, pop culture can help explain kind of what we’re going though. Mine included embarrassing myself on national television.

Here I was thinking I was chosen for my personality and killer application only to find out that I was cast as a joke?! And you can’t really summarize why we do what we do or fully explain what we’re feeling with blogs of GIFs from , etc.

According to one of my friend’s moms, they were “harsh” on me. I was in the midst of a “F**k what am I doing with my life? ” Because in my crazy convoluted head I thought, ”Why not?!

Which, if my memory serves me correctly, yes, yes they were. Well here’s an in depth look at the how the “casting” process really works.


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