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We producers have been provided with what might better be described as a Just Say No List, for every line starts with a No (it can be viewed online at Inside.com). So is urinating on camera, unless it is done "in a natural setting" such as a field or roadside. Bisexual encounters are also out, as are scenes involving transsexuals.The list, which reads like material generated for a classic Lenny Bruce or Dick Gregory routine, discards everything from fetish rituals found on the fringe to some of porn's most signature sex acts. Other verboten activities include fisting (an act sometimes featured in Penthouse), "menstruation topics" or spitting or saliva passing mouth to mouth.The new guidelines also state: "No black men, white women themes." Perhaps in a tip of the hat to Thomas Jefferson, producers can continue to feature white men having sex with black women.(In other words, maybe the new Administration won't view scenes of white men screwing blacks as out of the ordinary.)Perhaps the most surprising item on the list is a prohibition of the until-now obligatory facial "money shot," in which a male performer ejaculates on the face of the female performer, a staple long before Deep Throat brought porn out of the basement. "Facials are the crowning achievement of this industry," he proclaimed, only half-joking. "The new rules do allow a male model to ejaculate on a female model, with the caveat that the "shot is not nasty." Lawyers will now be able to jack up billable hours to determine if the semen on a left breast is "nasty" but the semen on a right elbow is to be approved."Too much material is already out there in too many places.How are they going to prove community standards [a central requirement of the 'Miller standard' the Supreme Court set in determining obscenity] now?

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Sign up for your free Kinder chat account now and meet hundreds of Louisiana singles online! I'm Ray, divorced since Jan 2001, unattached and ready to meet new friends, meeting new people, chatting and talking.It's early Saturday morning and I am standing in the living room of a home that's been converted, for the day, into a porn set.Heavy light rigging, cables, crates of colored gels and video monitors now dominate what had been just another unassuming suburban home at the end of a cul-de-sac.For these firms and those who run them, the adult-entertainment business is no longer about making an artistic statement for sexual freedom. Roger Jon Diamond, a Santa Monica-based lawyer who has been defending adult material since the late 1960s, and whose cases have gone to the Supreme Court, feels some of the worry may be overblown."I don't think Bush or Ashcroft can successfully bring us 'Meese II,'" he says.Bush's comments should offer cold comfort to liberals who oppose commercial porn based on the exploitation that can and does occur in the industry (just as it does in many other industries, not slated for demolition)."Most people only deal with bad news when it is knocking at their door," muses Douglas.The Perfect Storm had broken in the Beltway, they believed, and life preservers now need to be passed out. I have in that time been treated to the inner workings of a business that continues to fascinate libido-driven Americans.And recently Flynt's producers and our peers at other companies have been briefed in meetings and memos as to just how we are to react, given the new President and Attorney General.You can't unring the bell."While Douglas notes that the chances of the Bush Administration killing off an industry that has survived every President (and Attorney General) since Nixon are slim, he warns that the government would be just as happy to inflict some serious pain on it.And here, Diamond notes that the industry's will to draw a line in the sand and fight prosecutions may well determine how much damage is inflicted. You know you are going to take the beach, but some guys up front are going to have to take some bullets for everyone else.


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  2. It's early Saturday morning and I am standing in the living room of a home that's been converted, for the day, into a porn set. Heavy light rigging, cables, crates of.

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