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He notes that the songs that he has made are about love, because all the people think about this and this is the basic topic in one’s life.

He states that he loves his niece and the children of his friends and adore them, but that does not make his life full because he needs to find a special someone that would be called as Gary Lightbody girlfriend and that would give birth to his children, because he really wants them.

How has the music industry changed since you started?

We started in 1994 and it’s a different entity entirely.

That’s the last   time I move from my chair when one of our songs is being sung. ’ because our faces aren’t particularly famous. That we’re dull – that’s the impression I get from reading music magazines.

That’s a big misconception – Snow Patrol are a s*** load of fun, we get to play our music all over the world and have a laugh with our friends.

Finally when he is 35v years old he decided to give up all the partying that he has likes before, because it came time to become mature and think about his future that is coming.

He has states that he would love to have Gary Lightbody girlfriend and give her all of his time, because everyone around him including his sister is having children and he is still single so this situation does not make him content anymore.

Would I sing it in any of the ways I’ve heard people sing it?

Today, Lightbody owns a small place in Glasgow and says he will never leave the country behind, though he resides in Belfast.

He feels an attachment to the place, as it gave him his first taste of success.

Gary Lightbody girlfriend does not exist and that might seems as a strange thing, because he is a singer in one popular group Snow Patrol and he has plenty of fans and plenty of women that would like to become known as Gary Lightbody girlfriend.

It appears that all of his songs about love and emotions have made him ready to make a family and become a father and have children after all this time that he has spent on road he is tired and wants to find someone special in his life.


  1. Jul 6, 2016. Read more about Gary Lightbody married, wife, girlfriend, dating, net worth. Lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Snow Patrol, Gary Lightbody is popular as a singer and songwriter from Northern Ireland. A multi-instrumentalist, Lightbody.

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