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Fat admirer dating

And try as he might to explain it, I only had one question for him. “I’ve got responses from men of all ages, types – frack, from all over the world! ”From there, the horse had been led to water and my curious nature took ever.It was the only one that interested me at the time as I had accepted the reality of it and had done a fine job of beating myself up for being so naïve and stupid. To them, you are like supremo eye candy, they want more, more, more. I approached it like a psychological, and sociological experiment.The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content (eg. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book.

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When I told her about all of it, her suggestion was mind-boggling. Be safe, enjoy it and do wonders for your sense of self. So here I am, divulging it all to the world for no other reason than because I want to.Besides, like anyone – I was horny, enjoyed the attention and of course, the sex was great. Because as it turns out, I don’t like being hidden away in nice hotels, town-cars, and downtown condo’s. She had, without my knowing, placed an ad on a dating profile for large women and used mostly my real info (height, weight, age, physical features, etc), some good pics she had of me and then she waited.That said, it was just a matter of time before our worlds collided. And I had enough dignity to compose myself quickly enough. If a man wanted to be with me, enjoy my company, mind, and body - he would have to go thru a series of public ‘outings’. After a couple of months, of pretending to be me online – she couldn’t hide her little experiment from me any longer. She had stayed the night and we were making french toast one fine Sunday morning after a fun night of drunken antics.If you’re trying to say fat is attractive, as a lot of women out there are, it helps to find legitimate people who find this attractive.” Or, as he put it more bluntly on his Facebook page, after contributing two pro-fat pieces to lady blog The Hairpin, “I write about my preference for fat women in hopes that other men who share my preference will make themselves known so they’ll stop being little ballsacks and let the millions of fat women in this country find them.” ~ Dan Weiss I think that about sums it up. :)Ruby M Flagging a post will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.Even sex in a town-car, with tinted windows naturally.I knew his game, and didn’t have the self-confidence then to call him out on it.It was so simple – I was at the mall downtown and as fate would have it, literally bumped into him as I rounded a corner. All I did was apologize for running into them, my eyes to the ground and I was gone like lightning. Out of the blue, she said: “Turns out, you’re like the fat girl HOT-TIE.”Blink, gulp, wtf??My first reaction was to be pleasantly surprised at the serendipitous encounter – but that quickly dissolved when a lovely, thin blond woman collided with us, right behind him and in her arms, their 2 year old. It took him two weeks to get the courage to contact me. ”No answer, long awkward pause…“I didn’t think so, good-bye.”Click. I just sorta stared at her, my eyes held open in amazement, a goofy grin-frown of confusion registering all over my face, I’m sure. And in less than a minute or so, she had confessed her little experiment and project, apologizing profusely along the way, but also equally excited to divulge. I sidestepped mortification that I had been represented by her for a couple of months online and before I knew it, the rest of my day was spent reading emails, IM’s, looking at profiles and wondering to myself, “Are you EVEN kidding me?I was in ‘frump’ phase and had pretty much isolated myself from the entire ‘dating scene’, (whatever the hell that means – it’s never looked like anything I’ve seen in the movies in my 3 decades on the planet).She didn’t realize that I was licking some pretty serious wounds at the time.


  1. Feb 24, 2015. As a fat woman, I have been taught that there is an order of operations for love First, you get thin; then, you can date who you want. Until you do the first thing, the second thing is impossible. So for many women who struggle with their weight, it becomes a fight not just for their health or well-being, but a.

  2. Jan 24, 2012. Here is a link to his podcast on the Seattle Stranger chastising a closet fat admirer for wasting his time pretending he's not attract. I was in 'frump' phase and had pretty much isolated myself from the entire 'dating scene', whatever the hell that means – it's never looked like anything I've seen in the movies.

  3. Hey lovelies. I've been quiet for a bit haven't I? Well something has brought me out of the woodwork today and steaming from the ears. The lovely Em aka Boombands from Oh The Places You'll Go drew my attention via her Twitter to a project this morning called Stop Dating Like a Fat Chick. Em quite rightfully pointed out.

  4. Fat Bottomed Girls Making the World Go Round. Queen are a British rock band who are widely viewed as one of the greatest and most successful rock bands of all time. Formed in 1970, they have gone on to sell at least 150 million records, reaching number one 18 times in both the singles and album charts. Lead singer.

  5. My personal favorite, Feabie. It's a dating site for people who are skinny, fat, and in between, who want to find other fat people or fat admirers to be with. This site was created with care by people of the fat admirer/feedist community and it'.

  6. While this app is marketed towards plus-sized women and their 'admirers', a press release for the app also specifies that the app is not for fat fetishists either. The WooPlus website sets out the goal of the app, as well as providing a blog full of helpful tips for big men and women who have had a hard time dating elsewhere.

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