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Eyes not accommodating

The most frequent reason for failure of amblyopia therapy is non-compliance.Other factors include age at time of treatment, severity of amblyopia and associated ocular conditions.

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Since many affected children are asymptomatic, early detection of abnormal visual function requires effective screening throughout early childhood.

Special considerations apply to screening examinations of children born prematurely.

The visual system at birth is functional but very limited.

Normal visual development is rapid during the first six months of life and continues through the first decade.

Young children are uniquely sensitive to conditions that interfere with vision and visual development.


  1. Apr 18, 2012. The human eye is a sense organ adapted to allow vision by reacting to light. The cornea and the crystalline lens are both important for the eye to focus light.

  2. Feb 24, 2014. This examination actually tests convergence and accommodation, and is not terribly accurate but gives me a sense of where to start. “Normal” convergence is starting to get diplopia within 4-6 cm from the nose – meaning, they are able to move both eyes medially to focus on the target, keeping it as one.

  3. To fog or not to fog, that is the question. With regard to ophthalmology and optometry, fogging refers to the technique of adding plus sphere power during refraction and/or retinoscopy in an attempt to control accommodation. Accommodation refers to the ability of the natural lens in the eye to change shape, and thus to focus.

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