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Error updating e2fsprogs 1 40 8 gentoo Onlain chat sex rusiya

There is also sometimes during the boot process a message that the configuration of usb 1-1... Finally, I also run 64-bit Dapper (2.6.15 kernel) and 64-bit Gentoo (2.6.17 kernel) in different partitions on the same computer -- never any problem with hardware or splash. I used "upgrade-manager -c -d" to install Edgy Beta (amd64), and now fsck checks both partitions (/boot and /, both ext3) on every single reboot.

After some researching, I think it must be caused by the fact that the init script gets run very late in the boot process.

I ran sudo for some stuff, then I enabled NTP which changed my clock to 8GMT (I'm in Singapore).

So to avoid rebooting I had thrown my clock even further ahead manually in order to get sudo to behave without rebooting.

Was this from a manual run of fsck, or was it from the automatic one at boot, and if the latter did fsck decide to do a full filesystem check on the boot immediately before you attached these logs?

Also, I note that your "last mount time" and "last write time" are in the future, to go along with your "last checked" being in the past.


  1. As I got the time to update my Gentoo installation for the first time since months, I have one problem left that prevents me from getting all newest package versions installed and finish the major update. Independent of which version of the package app-crypt/mit-krb5 I use tried with 1.11.4 and 1.12.1 from the.

  2. ERROR kde-base/kdelibs-4.14.8gentoo failed configure phase. 1. emerge —sync this successfully finished. 2. emerge --ask --update --deep --with-bdeps=y @system this is resulting in below error. Before trying out stuff on my own, I thought I. ebuild U sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs-1.42.13 1.42.10

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