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Email correspondence dating

“Screw this small talk bullshit, let’s get right to face to face!

Perhaps it’s thought of as progressive, as the sign of a modern dater, one who wants to eschew email chatter and head right for the first date.

You write her three times, she writes you back three times. That is the exact amount of communication required to know your partner is delightful, not a psycho, and there’s a bit of juice between you.

If the man or lady trails off before three emails, then they weren’t really interested.

All of the ladies on our site have signed up in person with us or one of our trusted and agency partners and have been interviewed and counseled regarding the rules and objectives of our agency.

Because of how we conduct our meetings and scrutinize our correspondence, ladies with any agenda other than finding a husband will go someplace else, because there is no chance of her successfully conducting business on our website.

If they take longer than three emails to ask for a date then, well, they weren’t really interested.

Remember, the goal here is not have to an amazing online correspondence, it’s to have an amazing first date.

We are not going to waste your money or the time of our female client if there is no interest on her part.

(Verifications will remain for 10 days and then will be removed) (Gold and Platinum members receive discounts) Important Requirement for all Verfications: All "verifications" require evidence that the lady is actually interested in corresponding with you.

In other words, you must have received at least 2 replies from her to qualify for requesting verification.

If you desire more than correspondence with your lady or simply want to verify that your lady is truly the one responding to your emails, your lady can come to our office and you can actually see, hear and speak with her using Skype.

You must have Skype 4.2, which is video and audio enabled.


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