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Never in its five-year history had there been such a confident performance on the TV show for entrepreneurs, Dragons' Den.The five hard-faced panellists, including Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden, were moved to say her pitch was brilliant and it looked as though the £80,000 investment she was promised would propel Talpa Products, her fledgling business, into the commercial big time.The accumulation of , while predatory birds, including an extinct species of owl, were largely responsible for the accumulation of the small vertebrates.The disappearance from the sequence of the two large-bodied, endemic mammals, , was associated with a volcanic eruption at 17 ka and precedes the earliest evidence for modern humans, who initiated use of mollusc and shell working, and began to introduce a range of exotic animals to the island.Yet what should have been a giant step for Sharon soon proved to be disastrous.Within months, she was on the verge of financial collapse – a state of affairs that she blames squarely on the BBC programme – followed by the spectre of a personal breakdown.

And when Sharon Wright, a single mother from Scunthorpe, stepped from the 'lair' with more money that she had asked for, it really was a coup.

But now Marco, from Great Barr, Birmingham, admits its worth has plummeted.

He said: 'Since I went public with my offer, my business has been massively affected.'I've had lots of abuse from people thinking I'm money-grabbing and arrogant, and a lot of customers have stopped buying my product.'Sales are down by 80 per cent and I've had to sell my house and my car.'I've even started selling cheap raw meat to get customers back and get my cash flow going. I'm driving a Smart car but it's not a joke.'I think I have been portrayed by some media outlets as a money grabber, which is not true because I'm all about giving back.

Marco Hajikypri says he has had a massive 80 per cent drop in sales - because of a backlash against him 'bragging' about his worth.

The businessman appeared on BBC's Dragons' Den last year with his Pro Gains healthy meals service and argued with Deborah Meaden over its value.


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