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Agency ensures a vicarious experience of your desired trip before you experience it.

To ensure the delivery to be effective and efficient our travel agency involves only the experts from our team who work on their expertise. This 200,000 meters square theme park, located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, is definitely something you don't want to miss while you're visiting the region....

This is caused in part by a combination of government policy and bad publicity.

Tashkent has a population of 2.3 million people (2012).

The city has a mixture of modern new office buildings, hotels, parks, and crumbling Soviet-style apartment blocks.

The streets are generally clean and there are not too many potholes in the city centre. Over the last few years the Uzbek government has embarked on a major reconstruction program in the centre of the city.

Learning the Cyrillic alphabet, not as difficult as one might think, will help a traveller to read signs and in restaurants.

It is very useful for the casual visitor to Tashkent to learn a few basic Russian or Uzbek words and phrases.

Most businesses use Russian in their signs, menus, and other printed material.Roads, government buildings and parks are all being reconstructed (many historical buildings and sites are bulldozed in process).To the visitor, the new city looks very impressive, although many of the local residents have yet to see any improvement in their residential areas. The infrastructure, hotels, and shops are there but the influx of people and business has failed to materialise.Many older Uzbeks have difficulty reading the Latin characters.Uzbek is a Turkic-based language, and while Uzbeks and Turks cannot completely communicate directly, the better educated on both sides can usually find some common understanding. A significant number of Russian words are similar to their English counterparts.Don't be intimidated when you see a crowd running to a passport control officer.They are just trying to get a better spot in a huge waiting line. The access road has been closed, so you have to walk around the left side of the arrivals level and up some stairs or up the road.This is a source of some confusion for many Uzbeks, especially those of the older generation.Shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union and Uzbekistan declared independence in 1991, the written Uzbek language was converted back into Latin characters.We recommend it highly and it will be worth every penny spend !It is an ancient city on the Great Silk Road from China to Europe.


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