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Dating the old testament

It is at midday, not a popular time for well-going, which is probably why this woman is here. So to avoid big, judging, burning side-eyeing crowds she goes around midday when the sun is burning down on her. To understand how revolutionary that message was back then you have to understand a bit of the Jewish culture.

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It was said to widows and widowers who were quite happy with their newfound freedom (that last bit might be my imagination). When she started to connect with Jesus, she was more connected than when she was with her six husbands. And that is, as Paul is trying to say to the Corinthians as well, more important than being married ever is.

The Hebrew Bible, which Christians refer to as the Old Testament, was widely accepted and agreed upon by Jews well before Jesus' time.

Thus the various councils that supposedly determined what would be Scripture actually only confirmed what was already widely accepted as the Word of God.

This book addresses the subject of when the books of the Old Testament were written.

It explains why the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy are a literary unity, and how the Egyptian background for these books support a date of writing during the exodus generation.


  1. Last month I wrote about the Old Testament and so-called 'biblical dating'. My conclusions were several God will lead the process and you have the responsibility to.

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