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Dating old photographs postcards

While I have generally been able to talk myself out of purchasing photographs of unknown people (not always but most of the time, I have a “thing” for gilded age hats and early vehicles), I do give in to old postcards.

I inherited a collection of postcards from my Dad that were a combination of those he received from family and friends during his years at Southeastern Bible Institute in Atlanta and at Central Bible Institute in Missouri and some he bought because he liked the picture or theme.

I was very excited that this might be my g2-grandfather.

A few years later I connected with a 1st cousin of my mother on her maternal side and he sent me a picture of Roseda Sawyer King (William’s wife) that he had gotten from his mother.

What media is the photograph in, tintype or paper/card stock?

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I also doubted that the Barrows, and especially Lucennie, ever went and sat for a portrait. The more I looked at it the more it triggered something in my brain.

Look for any scribble on the back that might help or a photographer’s stamp.

There are books and Internet resources that can help with the process of dating and identifying people in old photographs.

Real-photo postcards (sometimes called RPPCs) are the result of developing a negative onto photo paper with a pre-printed postcard backing.

Classic real-photo cards feature a variety of subjects, from mundane small- town street views to images of animals to photos that captured important political moments or terrifying natural disasters.


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