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Everyone's glycaemic sensitivity is different but generally, one or two squares of chocolate won't be an issue, but a whole bar or a bowl of crisps would be.Caffeine is a powerful natural stimulant which can disrupt the nervous system and is a common cause of insomnia.Many of the foods and drinks that pass your lips during the day have an impact on your sleep at night.From your pick-me-up coffee to evening snacks and even the vitamins you take, these can be the culprits when you find yourself staring at the ceiling while the clock ticks away.Going to bed with high blood sugar – which happens when you've eaten sugary foods and refined carbs – will activate the insulin response which removes sugar from the blood and your blood sugar will start to drop.

A single gin or vodka contain just one alcohol unit whereas a 330ml bottle of extra-strength lager or a large (250ml) glass of wine contain about three units.This can soon build up to a sleep-disruptive level if you're having more than one drink.8pm – If you're in the habit of sharing a bottle of wine over dinner, this could directly affect the quality of your sleep.If a glass of wine is a must, consider using smaller glasses so that it's easier to limit the amount you're having and give your body time to process it before bed.Tyramine is a compound that can be found in certain aged, cured and fermented foods such as strong cheeses (ie cheddar) or Roquefort.It's also found in salami and other cured meats, pickles, sauerkraut or kimchi.You'll either wake up or have a very restless sleep that will leave you tired and unrefreshed in the morning. If your blood sugar is already low by bedtime, your stress hormones will already be activated, making it difficult for you to drop off to sleep.9 am – Balance your blood sugar from the off as it can be very hard to get off the seesaw of energy peaks and crashes once it starts.Avoiding sugary foods, focusing on wholegrains at breakfast and lunch and ensuring you don't leave more than four hours between meals generally will help.5-6pm – If you're in the habit of eating early with the children, you may need to plan a small, balanced snack for later in the evening, such as a one or two oatcakes with sugar-free nut butter, or some carrot sticks with about 50g of hummus.Serve it with vegetables and/or wholegrain pasta or brown rice.These are excellent sources of complex carbohydrate, which your body will break down more slowly than refined white versions and will keep your blood sugar nice and stable.9pm – Steer clear of large helpings of chocolate, sweets, crisps and alcohol as you settle down to watch TV, as this could undo all your earlier good work and send your blood sugar rising just as you're ready for bed.It is estimated that a third of people regularly suffer from difficulty sleeping, according to the NHS .Lack of regular shut eye is linked to a raised risk of depression, obesity, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and a shorter life expectancy.


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