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Dating an arab woman

Alot Jewish Familys want their children to marry into the culture, but obviously there are the exceptions.

Is it true that Arab women only date and marry Arab men?Most Israeli Arab women are not much into Israeli culture. i myself am iranian, and while both persian men and women, most of them would prefer to be with another persian, i and everyone i know have no objection to dating a person of a different nationality.I like Arab women but my parents will never allow me to date an Arab (or any other Muslim for that matter).Men are allowed to marry outside of their religion but only to women of the people of the book (christians and jews).Generally speaking, Islam is a strict religion...a barbaric violent hateful backward religion.My father doesn't like Arabs because Israeli Arabs killed two of the sons of his cousins.He sais that if I want to date an Arab I will have to leave home and the family and go somewhere else.Bad parents use economic and financial coercion to compel their children to date and marry who they want, cutting off all aid and support to the children if they don't do what the parents want them to do.They abuse the fact that their children are still economically dependent on them. I believe two people can still love each other even though they are of a different religion.He also sais that he will never allow an Arab into his house.Irrelevant question, but I'll answer anyways so you get the facts straight.


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