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Crystal reports updating from spread sheet

NOTE: The FSU_SR_CLASS category includes data elements that return reports related to scheduling data. Choose a query to run: Run to HTML, Run to Excel, or Run to XML. NOTE: If you select Run to Excel, the resulting data is exported directly to Excel. In this example, select Number Filters Greater Than.

The search criteria values appearing here are an example of the values you can can enter.

More ever you have to create variables in report it self...

Note: In Both approaches you need to close the report and open it to make changes done in excel(structural changes only ). except saving the excel us now if anything is required.

In the Sort and Filter group, click either the smallest-to-largest (AA) button. A warning appears notifying you that if you sort on one column, data in adjacent columns will not travel with the sort action. The table is now sorted according to total enrollments.

Scroll to the A column and left click in the A letter-cell.

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NOTE: If you decide to download the results after you run an HTML query, you can either: Downloading to Excel allows you to sort, format, track, or annotate the data as required. However, you may not require all of the data that automatically appears in the spreadsheet upon download. Here are some suggestions to help you refine your take-away document. You determine and enter your own search criteria values. Select the range of cells containing the numeric data on which to sort. REMEMBER: The rows displayed may not be all the results of your query. NOTE: You can add a query to your favorites list for quick navigation to the queries you run frequently. When you select Run to HTML or Run to Excel, an interface appears displaying fields for entering search criteria. If your computer blocks pop-ups, you may be prompted by the browser to approve the download. Do not select the Run to Excel option if Excel is not installed on your computer. Any changes you identify could then be manually updated in the scheduling system. Downloading your query results into an Excel spreadsheet is a good way to provide yourself with a quick reference document. Below is an example of a table in which the former V and W rows have been moved to the A and B column positions.Hellow Experts I am trying to load/import excel data into bobj, I am wondering which appraoch is the best and what are the pros and cons of these approaches.


  1. Learn how Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization.

  2. After clicking OK, several sheets will be created with the initial sheet being a Table of Contents see Figure 7. TFS Reports using Excel;

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