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China dating scam

What you don’t know is that they make their money on the commissions from all the various shops along the way (thinly disguised “tourist sites”).With no way to get back to Beijing, you have to endure these marathon pit stops of never-ending tourist traps (everything from “traditional Chinese medicine” to lame performances charging admission).Asian Lonely is a small, free site that is operated by people experienced in detecting scammers. Each new profile and picture are checked manually by staff. Over the years I've come to realize many people are not.It's not likely you'll run into a scammer using a picture of a Celebrity at Asian Lonely Hearts.com! They are happier having fantasy relationships with fake people, than possibly meeting somebody real. We run our site with the hope of providing a safe place for real people to meet.Knowledge is power so pass it on to other travelers!WHERE: A (mostly) legal and very popular and long-running scam.They know that Westerners are more conditioned to “not be rude” by walking away.

In other words, many scams have a high reward-to-risk ratio.I’ve heard reports of these shady drivers just dropping people off at random destinations after collecting their payday as well as drivers who drive off with luggage as soon as the passenger gets out.Note: in Beijing in particular, a lot of taxi drivers are relatively inexperienced and Beijing is notoriously confusing (and changing).So try to determine if they really know the destination and don’t automatically assume that they’re scamming you (they might just be lost).Also, I’ve been told that the government cracked down on these illegal taxis during the 2008 Olympics but still, there may still be some out there.So just be wary and avoid drivers who are aggressively seeking you out, and agree to a price in writing.If you’re being ripped off, leave the agreed upon cash on in the seat and calmly walk away. This is a borderline scam that basically involves a young Chinese “artist” (or innocent looking couple) who befriends you and convinces you to look at some art that they supposedly produced.Especially popular in the tourist-friendly parts of Beijing (like Wangfujing shopping district and Houhai Lake nightlife district) and Shanghai (Nanjing Road shopping district and adjacent Peoples’ Park). THE SCAM: While there are variations on this theme, the basic scam goes like this: 黑车 = literally “black car”) that make a good living overcharging foreigners.“Black” doesn’t refer to the actual color of a taxi (just that they’re unlicensed and shady). Sometimes, they’ll have a fake meter rigged to produce ridiculous rates.RULES OF THUMB: WHERE: Various places (but especially Great Wall tours in Beijing).THE SCAM: You get lured in by some dirt cheap tour (what do I have to lose, you ask? You find yourself herded onto some dirty bus and now you’re strapped in and out of control.


  1. Have a 35 year old fillipena says she works as a nanny in china. She fell in love with me and want me to pay her way here. Her employer suggest we use a travel agency.

  2. Internet scams are nothing new and there are many different types that are set up to cheat us. A recent study of China's largest dating site has revealed an ingenious.

  3. WHERE Could be anywhere in China. THE SCAM There are a lot of counterfeit bills in circulation. Return from Tourist Scams in China to Tips & Resources.

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