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Hominins accumulated over time as older laminated mudstone units and sediment along the cave floor were eroded.

The Pliocene-Pleistocene cave deposits in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (South Africa) preserve a diversity of hominin fossils in a varied set of contexts (Hughes and Tobias, 1977; Clarke, 1998; Partridge et al., 2003; Berger et al., 2010; Bruxelles et al., 2014; Berger et al., 2015).We describe the physical context of the Dinaledi Chamber within the Rising Star cave, South Africa, which contains the fossils of Homo naledi.Approximately 1550 specimens of hominin remains have been recovered from at least 15 individuals, representing a small portion of the total fossil content. naledi, and occur within clay-rich sediments derived from in situ weathering, and exogenous clay and silt, which entered the chamber through fractures that prevented passage of coarser-grained material.The only identified access point into the Dinaledi Chamber involves an exposed, ∼15 m climb from the bottom of a large ante-chamber (the Dragon's Back Chamber), up the side of a sharp-edged dolomite block that has dislodged from the roof (the Dragon's Back; Figure 2B).From the top of the Dragon's Back, the Dinaledi Chamber is accessed via a narrow, northeast-oriented vertical fissure, and involves a ∼12 m vertical climb down, with squeezes as tight as ∼20 cm, to reach the floor (Figure 2B, C).The main passage forming the Dinaledi Chamber is ∼25–50 cm wide at its narrowest and ∼10 m long, and expands in width near the intersections with cross-cutting passages (Figure 2C).The roof of both the Dinaledi and Dragon's Back chambers is formed by the capping chert (Figure 2B).Deposition of these debris cones resulted from granule- to boulder-sized breakdown of ceilings and walls mixed with allochtonous and autochtonous, sand- to clay-sized sediment, as well as peloids and other biogenic debris, by rock falls, debris flow and sheet wash.The clastic sediments vary in texture and composition depending on their position on or near the talus cone, and have been cemented by carbonate-rich waters dripping from cave ceilings.Distribution patterns of fossiliferous caves in the area suggest that fossil deposition occurred in caves that are close to critical resources such as water (Reynolds et al., 2011; Dirks and Berger, 2013).(A) Geology of Johannesburg Dome and surroundings, showing the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site in bold black outline.


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