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However, the neocolonialist geopolitical actions of Turkey did have the side-effect of liberating the "Turkish Cypriots" from oppression.As being both an economic underclass and ethnic/religious/linguistic minority, they had little hope of achieving fair treatment.Since 2009 only two incidents of sexting have been reported on the Helpline of Cyber Ethics.Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are few incidents based on sexting in Cyprus.Moreover, boyfriends and girlfriends commence sexting either by a requirement of the partner or to amaze the other person.However, the photos and videos can be spread around fast and easily by text messaging, emails and through social networking sites for an ample audience, which can lead to humiliation of the person and also to a psychological trauma.

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Purpose-built ghettos for approximately 18% of the population (the "Turkish Cypriot" minority) were created.On the occasion that a parent notices that his/her child sends nude photos either of him/herself or of other people, then he/she has to advice the child to bring it to an end.It is recommended to have a peaceful talk, support the teenager and explain what the risks of sexting are.By having such photos on a mobile phone, computer or any other electronic device, means that he/she is being a participant of this criminal act.Essentially, if a teenager receives such a message/ photo/ video then he/she must not forward it to anyone because it is consider as a federal felony.The occupation can be withdrawn, but can Cypriots overcome the separate Greek and Turkish nationalisms that have nurtured them for so long?diverse in terms of both native and immigrant populations.Substantially, the Helpline is in co-operation with the Police Department of Cyber Crime in Cyprus as well as social networking sites where direct communication with Facebook, Twitter and Ask. Potential diplomatic, legal and financial gains all advocate in favour of reunification, but political trust still eludes the two communities.From the end of the Ottoman rule, through the British, and into the present ethnic, religious, and linguistic segregation of native Cypriots has dramatically increased.Cypriots, both "Turkish" and "Greek", have been living in apartheid.


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  3. Nov 18, 2017. The tutorials explain to parents different kinds of online threats their children may encounter – sextortion, sexting, sex-chatting, grooming, revenge porn – and how to handle such situations. For more information int/fr/web/human-rights-channel/end-online-child-sex-abuse. Print Friendly.

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