Camzap video call

That’s pretty much the setup, and when it’s done you see Biscotti’s large, clear main menu.

It sits on top (left of center—just outside a standard 4:3 viewing screen) of your regular TV show and includes Account, Contacts, Call History and Setup.

The only way to enter the proper password is via the remote and a painful on-screen, on-at-a-time-key-selection on-screen keypad.

Sadly, this is not the only time you’ll have to use this text entry method.

My guess is that Biscotti will work on clarifying some of the language and visuals on set up when they deliver the first Biscotti update.

Biscotti is a somewhat unusual video conferencing solution in that, instead of using a separate HDMI input, it employs an HDMI pass-though.

Once the device successfully finds and connects to your network, Biscotti TV phone will guide you through user name creation.

You have to enter that via remote, but, thankfully, Biscotti has a bunch of custom passwords to choose from.

Camzap video call-23Camzap video call-2

Instead it slopes down from front to back at about a 25-degree angle.

Biscotti execs promised me that importing contacts from other services like Gmail is on the product roadmap.

I made a series of calls both within the Biscotti proprietary network and to Gmail contacts.

I simply unplugged the HDMI out cable from my TV, plugged it into the Biscotti, and then added another HDMI cable that ran from the Biscotti device to my TV (that extra HDMI cable is not included).

The pass-through allows Biscotti to deliver a control overlay on top of your regular cable TV output.


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