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Bachelor number 1, if I were ice cream, what flavor would I be, and what would you do to me? Glen Macera: Hey, well, all I know is what flavor I'd be, and that'd be a banana, if you catch my drift.

Andy Perotta: Hey, how's your mother, she feelin' better?

You'd be a little chilly at first, but then after some time you're gonna melt in my mouth, and it tastes so good.

Okay, Stacy, you ready wit' your questions over there? Joey Tarentina: You would be like a lemon sherbet, you know?

I just gotta say, I got a sister, and it's gettin' me sick thinkin' about this over here. Joey Tarentina: Andy, I swear to God I'm goin' outta my mind here!

Andy Perotta: So now she's not good enough for ya, stinkin' low life, is that it? Joey Tarentina: Andy, say the word, and I'll whack his head wit' a broomstick!


  1. Oct 10, 1992. Watch Saturday Night Live highlight 'The Bensonhurst Dating Game' on

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