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Women being molded to be the perfect slave is not a new problem.

Pygmalion’s story comes to mind when I think back to original stories of how “the perfect woman” could be “made” for a man’s own purposes and needs.

I hoped not, because the premise for the story in multiple advertisements says “amid questions regarding the coexistence of these artificial beings and humans, a 17-year-old boy makes a decision.” This makes it sound as if the story of might reach beyond previous tropes and explore what it is actually like to interact with an AI being.

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Minutes later in the episode, Lacia appears and offers herself to Arato, requesting that he be her owner because she cannot be permitted to make legal decisions. She begs Arato to be her owner, saying, “I am a tool incapable of taking responsibility” while she holds off a mechanical attack. Scenes intermittently have clear school tablets, school uniforms that can be cooled with the gentle press of an attached cufflink, and massive coffin shaped laser sword weapon devices that have yet to be explained.

Of course he says yes and she presses his finger to her sternum to take his thumb print into her operating system. Yet there are also familiar anime settings that call to mind schools in Tokyo, and traditional activities such as attending the cherry blossom festival or a tea ceremony.

And sadly, there’s the traditional roles of women in servitude in this anime.

You see, the actor — who was here promoting the comedy That Awkward Moment with costars Zac Efron and Miles Teller — initially wrote "anime" on his answer sheet before crossing it out to write "women." You know, the typical conundrum.

i'm watching an old michael b jordan interview and he got asked what his guilty pleasure is and he fucking wrote anime but scribbled it out and changed it to women i'm laughing pic.twitter.com/LVJIKc Blbj — aoife (@ryusietai) February 20, 2018 The handsome actor hasn't been shy about airing his nerdier side while promoting Black Panther, and this interview moment proves that's nothing new!


  1. Anime is a style of hand-drawn and computer animation originating in, and commonly associated with, Japan. The word anime is the Japanese term for animation, which means all forms of animated media. Outside Japan, anime refers specifically to animation from Japan or as a Japanese-disseminated animation style.

  2. Feb 4, 2018. A woman suffered life-threatening injuries late Saturday after being shot in San Jose, authorities said. The shooting occurred just before midnight on the 3100 block of Cadillac Drive, near the intersection with Winchester Boulevard, said Officer Gina Tepoorten of the San Jose Police Department.

  3. Oct 8, 2015. Blood? Check. Nudity? Why not? Intense and frightening scenes? Bring it on! In fact, lets get that mature content warning out of the way because this list is going to show us some intense scenes starting now! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10.

  4. Dec 12, 2016. Get a 30 Day Crunchyroll free trial here See more has plenty of instances of treating same-sex.

  5. Jan 25, 2018. Beatless is a brand new anime on Amazon Prime Video that is very hard to find on that very same platform. how people would treat their android, whether or not they would have a harem, whether or not they would hunt them, and how often they would have sex with their robotic slave woman abound.

  6. Official, legal streaming anime videos including Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Skip Beat, and Shugo Chara. Start watching now.

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